Authentic Italian Tiramisu

for treasure hunters only

Few people know that Treviso, a wonderful small town close to Venice and the production area of ​​excellences known all over the world such as Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG and Radicchio, in the Sixties has been one of the main theaters of the birth of Tiramisù. But for us, Treviso is much more: Treviso is also the city we love most because it is our city.

And Tiramisu, always for us, is not just a tiramisu: it is the dessert that has always been the hero of our Sunday lunches with our families.

In our hearts, Tiramisu Choice is the deep desire to share the delicious flavor of authentic Tiramisu, too little known and too often confused with the very widespreaded “tiramisu-flavored desserts”. A Tiramisu able to surprise even the most demanding palates with its flavor: delicate but rich, balanced but full.

So fine to be unforgettable.

Traditional, as our nonnas

Tiramisu Choice is not just a surprisingly refined gourmet Tiramisu finally accessible wherever there’s a freezer.

Tiramisù Choice is also an authentic Italian experience that has passed the exam of the worst judges of all: our mammas and nonnas. It’s hard to believe how ruthless they were: endless tests, endless tastings. They forced us to correct the intensity of the coffee by “a little”, to reduce the sugar by “two spoons” and they decided how much mascarpone to put (always measured in spoons: they measure anything in spoons).

It was hard and long, but it happened: they said el xe bon ciò (in our dialect the translation of “it’s really fine!”).

To us, it was as we won 3 Michelin stars. A triumph.

Premium frozen dessert

For retailers, an artisanal tiramisu that stands as an alternative to a pastry dessert. A delicacy to enjoy at home or to take out to dinner. Perfect for the premium lines of supermarkets and e-shops, italian deli and artisanal gelato shops.

For the, the guarantee of serving a ready-made tiramisu that is very easy to serve and will amaze customers and guests.

In single-portion, family size and multipacks.


18 months


6-8h +4°C
1,5-2hours room temp (max 22°C)


48 hours

Made where Tiramisù was born

Welcome to our home.
Welcome to the corner of Italy where Tiramisù was born: the land of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Welcome to Treviso and Pieris, where the most famous Italian dessert in the world was born.

Welcome to many other enchanting hamlets, to the most famous cities and destinations, where you can immerse yourself in the local history and nature, and in cozy restaurants where you can taste typical products such as the Radicchio from Treviso and the Prosecco from Valdobbiadene.

And of course, a delicious Tiramisù, exactly like our own.

(Treviso, Ponte dell'Università, Riviera Garibaldi)