Shared autenticity

Savoiardi (lady fingers) soaked in coffee, lots of fresh mascarpone, a sprinkling of cocoa: Tiramisu, the way it should be. The family sized Authentic Tiramisu with 100% plastic free packaging designed for retail and great for that wants to stand out.

Made where Tiramisu was born. 18-month shelf life. Preservative-free.


Mascarpone cream 48%
mascarpone 64% (cream (MILK), acidity regulator: citric acid, EGG yolk 12%, sugar, cream (MILK), EGG white

Coffee 35%

Savoiardi biscuits 17%
WHEAT flour, sugar, EGGS, raising agents: sodium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonate, glucose syrup, natural flavourings, salt


Nutritional facs

Average values per 100g

Energy 1042 kj/250 kcal
Fat 17g of which saturates 11g
Carbohydrates 20g of which sugars 14g
Proteins 4,2g
Salt 0,12g

This is not tiramisu. This is Tiramisu Autentico.

We were born and grew up in Treviso, which in addition to being a small town 20Km from Venice recognized for Prosecco and Radicchio is also one of the two cities that were the scene of the birth of Tiramisu: for us, Tiramisu is the dessert that has always accompanied Sunday lunch with our families.

For us, Tiramisu Choice is the deep desire to share the delicious flavor of authentic Tiramisu, which is too little known and too often confused with the widespread “Tiramisu-flavored desserts.” Tiramisu, that is, capable of surprising even the most demanding palates with its delicate yet rich, balanced yet full flavor.

So good that it becomes unforgettable.

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Don’t cut it into single portions: give a spoon to everyone and start eating.

Your dinner will turn into smiles.

18 months of shelf life without preservatives

We have chosen the only natural preservative: low temperatures. That is why our Tiramisù is frozen. Flash freezing maintains organoleptic properties intact, allowing us to guarantee a shelf life of 18 months, and above all a tiramisu that will seem prepared a few hours before by any of our nonnas (we know it’s hard to believe but here the competition is so high that we are very afraid to say which of our nonnas makes the BEST tiramisu).

-18°C or below
18 months

48 hours

1,5-2 hours room temp (20-25°C)
6-8 hours in the fridge (4°C)

Sustainability means

The packaging is made entirely of FSC-certified food-grade cardboard (which guarantees that the trees from which the paper is made are cut from an area that will not be deforested for the next 30 years).

After use, throw the clean packaging in the paper collection bin.


4 pieces
cm. 29x19x15

176 boxes
704 pieces
cm. 120x80x180