Plastic free packaging

When we thought about making Tiramisù as it should be, we thought about using a fully biodegradable packaging, made of food grade cardboard.

Because sustainability is the challenge of the future, and each action we take, each movement, each decision we make, has to take into account the health of our planet.

We decided that the best way we could do our part was to allow everybody to experience Tiramisù as it should ne, without environmental impact.

Someone might say it is too late and that climate change cannot be undone and cannot be stopped, only contained.

We believe that, if we all do our part, we will be able to guarantee our children and us a better future.

That is why we believe the sustainability of our product is as important as its flavor.

How to recycle

Case and internal tray

Both are made of food grade cardboard and they must be placed in the paper recycling bin.

The case is made of PAP21 recycling material, the internal food tray is made of CPAP81.


The spoon is made of compostable material (code O7) and must be placed in the organic waste bin along with the pouch.

Recycling symbols (and more)

Möbius strip

The international symbol for recycling is made of three arrows circulating clockwise.

It refers to the circular economy: a regenerative economic system that can guarantee ecological sustainability.


It corresponds to the Möbius strip and it is mandatory in France.

Avoid release to the environment

It brings our attention to the packaging after we have eaten the product: a small action to ensure a brighter future.

Suitable for food contact

It tells you that the packaging has been made with food grade materials, hence it is safe.