Authentic Italian Tiramisu Recipe

There are several ways you can make Tiramisù, one for every home, family and any place with a kitchen.

However, there is only one right way to make Tiramisù and that is how we make ours. We follow the traditional recipe by skillfully balancing all the ingredients: fresh mascarpone, pasteurized eggs, savoiardi (ladyfingers) soaked in coffee and the classic dusting of cocoa powder, which has become a symbol of Tiramisù.

All our ingredients come from Italy, mainly from the Land of Tiramisù, ensuring our customers the highest quality and the minimum environmental impact.

In order to deliver freshly made Tiramisù to stores and homes all over the world, we have chosen the only natural preservative: low temperatures. That is why our Tiramisù is frozen. Flash freezing maintains organoleptic properties intact, allowing everybody to truly appreciate one of the most important and famous products of the Italian cuisine, the right way.