Where Tiramisu was born

Welcome to our home.

Welcome to the corner of Italy where Tiramisù was born: the land of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Welcome to Treviso, where Roberto “Loli” Linguanotto conceived Tiramesù. And welcome to Pieris, where Mario Cosolo made the first Coppa Vetturino. The two places where the most famous Italian dessert in the world was born.

Welcome to Venice, Trieste, Verona, Udine. Welcome to Asolo, Sirmione, Cortina and Aquileia. Welcome to the Dolomite Mountains, to the Garda Lake, to the Venice lagoon, to the Karst Plateau. Welcome to many other enchanting places to explore, in which to enjoy a delicious Tiramisù.

Exactly like our own.