About us

Maybe crazy people,
maybe visionaries,
definitely enthusiasts.
United by passion

One of us chose the brand colors, one had the idea of Tiramisù The Right Way, one wrote the texts over and over again because we were never satisfied. One of us captured some special moments with a camera (more than one camera, actually) while constantly saying “I have an idea”. One of us was in charge of all the legal aspects, another made the difference in the creation of the packaging, which cost us a lot of research and many sleepless nights.

After working on 4 different versions, one of us is now maintaining the official version. Another one is in charge of PR, even if the title “PR manager” is an understatement. One made the tech sheets. Another proofread every single term we printed on the labels. One of us studied barcodes, which is far from being easy, when you realize the manual has 700 pages. One makes the cream and another soaks the savoiardi (ladyfingers). One closes every single container and fills the boxes that someone else then delivers everywhere in the world. One supports us with insurance and taxes, another works in sales.

Most importantly, we all put our heart into it.

From a dream to tables all over the world

I am Debora, and I am the beating heart of this project.

I have always been fond of Tiramisù: because I am a foodie and my friends like my Tiramisù. It might be the only good thing I can cook.

I started coding back in 1988 at the age of 12. Since then, I have never stopped. In the meantime, I have been many different things: the accountant with no praise or blame; the programmer in the dot-com and the millennium bug era; the startupper in the webmarketing field as the President of MOCA for 10 years; the Sole Director in the mechanical engineering industry at FAM; the CEO at Allegri Briganti, an ecommerce for children’s clothing; the President at Delicanto, an international tour operator that allowed me to discover the Territorial Enhancement field; the organizer of the first edition of the Tiramisù World Cup along with my great friend Francesco Redi.

It was such a success that it convinced me Tiramisù would become my job.

I do things with passion and with as much enthusiasm, curiosity and care as possible. I am courageous within reason and make choices that constantly force me to face my fears and doubts.

I love learning. Most of all, I love learning from valuable people: those who know how to say “I don’t know”, who turn problems into opportunities, who don’t assume to be right, who care, who don’t forget, who wonder if they are wrong and never try to impose their vision. Those who want to create together and turn ideas into something you can touch.

And eat.

These are the professionals I have chosen. They, in turn, have chosen to embark with me on this great adventure, which before being a business was only a project. Before being a project it was only a dream.

The way it should be

First and foremost, The Right Way is the philosophy behind all of our choices. Then it became the recipe of our Tiramisù Choice.

It is about coherence between what we say and what we do.

It is about respect for people and for a planet on which we feel only like guests.

It is about the joy of giving before receiving. It is about the value of time. It is about gratitude and generosity. Passion and commitment. Sacrifice and satisfaction. Fear and courage.

We make difficult choices every day because we feel they are the right choices, not the convenient ones.

High quality zero-kilometer ingredients

Tiramisù as it should be is made with few ingredients, artfully combined and balanced to create its unique taste: a balance that we try to obtain with passion in every single tiramisù we make, so that we may bring our freshly made Tiramisù to stores and homes around the world.

A balance made by a lot of experience and rigor during preparation and 100% Italian high quality ingredients, mostly coming from the Land of Tiramisù.

We want to guarantee our customers a distinctive, sustainable, and unique Tiramisù.